Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Want to find a wii console in stock?

Who would've thought that a simple gaming console would create such a buzz. Not only is the wii the top selling christmas present, it is also the most difficult to find christmas present. Rumor has it that it is selling at a rate of 17 units per second! Ai caramba!

Ok here's some places where I KNOW they have the wii in stock:

Nintendo Wii console in stock on eBay. (Many, many of them!)

Make sure to sign up for eBay as a member before buying the wii. You will get added security with your transaction. I've bought many things from eBay (over 30) and have never had any problems, so no need to worry, eBay is very safe!

Wii console not in stock at WalMart, Toys R Us, K&B Toys, GameStop, and Radioshack.


jchorno said...

I was able to find a Wii in stock at They have some accessories too.

gphil said...

Sure you can find all kinds of wii consoles, bundles, games, etc., at ebay. The only problem is you will never buy them for anywhere close to list. There are lots of people out there willing to pay $450 for a unit that lists for $249
If you aren't willing to pay that kind of money for one, you will have to join a waiting list somewhere and hope that you get to pick one up at a store somewhere. Good luck.

ElectroniX said...

I Love my Wii system!!! I got mine for $200... SWEET!

Joseph E. said...

If anyone is still looking, I've had great luck with this site:

They're definitely cheaper than Good luck!

mr nicklefishoo said...

i picked mine up at